Welcome to the page dedicated to the Best Wazdan Casino Sites. Here you can find out more about the promising Wazdan Software Provider and his high-end games. We have also put together a list of Wazdan Online Casinos to make it easier for you to find out where you can best play and also how and where you can get a no deposit bonus or free spins no deposit bonus.

Wazdan Online Casino List 2022

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  • Casino Name
  • Rating
  • Characteristics
  • bonus
  • Has Klarna/Sofort/Volt
  • Large bonus package
  • Unlimited play

200% tot AUD$500 + 10% Cashback

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  • Pour quickly with iDeal or Volt
  • Daily cashback
  • Unlimited play

€100 + 5% CashBack + 100 Spins

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  • Pouring with iDeal, Klarna/Sofort
  • Big bonus with cashback
  • Unlimited play

750% bonus up to AUD$ 3000

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  • Deposit/pay quickly (volt)
  • Beautiful bonus package
  • Unlimited play

100% to AUD$ 500+ 250 Spins

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  • Big Met Klarna & Sofort
  • Unlimited play
  • 30% Cashback

800% to AUD$ 7500+ 800 Spins

Play now
  • Pouring with iDeal or Klarna/Sofort
  • Unlimited play
  • Beautiful VIP package

100% to AUD$ 250

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  • Fast with iDeal, Klarna, Volt
  • Live casino, slots and gambling on sports
  • Unlimited play

Exclusive - 120% to AUD$ 150

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  • Deposit with Volt or Klarna/Sofort
  • Unlimited play
  • Super fast payouts

350% to AUD$ 5000

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  • Deposit quickly: Klarna/Volt/Sofort
  • Unlimited play
  • Daily cashback

€300+ 250 Spins

Play now
  • Pouring with iDeal, Klarna/Sofort + Volt
  • 20% Cashback
  • Unlimited play

225% to AUD$ 600+ 170 Spins

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  • Deposit quickly: Volt, Klarna or Trustly
  • Play unlimited!
  • Cashback every week

200% to AUD$ 200

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  • Deposit quickly: Volt or Klarna
  • 10% daily cashback
  • Indefinit

200% to AUD$ 200

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  • Deposit quickly: Klarna, Sofort or Volt
  • Many great promotions
  • Play unlimited!

€1024+ 200 Spins

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  • Volt, nice and fast pouring
  • Also works with crypto
  • Unlimited play

100% tot AUD$300 + 40% Cashback + 30 Spins

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  • Big Met Klarna & Sofort
  • Big bonus!
  • Unlimited play

200% to AUD$ 1000+ 200 Spins

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  • Pour quickly with volts
  • VIP Club + big bonus
  • Unlimited play

100% to AUD$ 1000+ 100 Spins

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  • Overview of 30+ EU casinos
  • EU permits
  • Unlimited play

Top EU Casinobonus available

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  • Deposit with iDeal or Klarna
  • Nice welcome bonus
  • Beautiful VIP package

€888 Bonus

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  • Ideal + Volt + Brite + Klarna
  • Weekly reload bonuses
  • Unlimited play

120% to AUD$ 200

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  • Pouring with iDeal + Klarna/Sofort
  • Unlimited popping
  • 10% Cashback

400% bonus up to AUD$ 1200

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  • Fast and safe with iDEAL
  • Large cashback bonus
  • Play without limit!

250% bonus up to AUD$ 1000

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  • Safe with iDEAL
  • Unlimited play
  • Daily cashback bonus

400% bonus up to AUD$ 1000

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  • Has iDeal + Klarna + Sofort
  • Daily cashback
  • Unlimited play

€2500 + 10% Cashback

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  • Has iDeal and Klarna
  • 3,000 euros bonus package
  • Unlimited play

800% to AUD$ 3,000

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  • Quick with iDeal, Sofort and Klarna
  • Can also deposit with Klarna
  • Unlimited play

100% to AUD$ 1,000

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  • Crypto Casino
  • Daily cashback
  • Unlimited play

100% TOT 1BTC+ 100 Spins

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  • Fast depositing with Brite, Klarna + Volt
  • Unlimited play
  • More than 3000 games

€600+ 200 Spins

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  • iDEAL (after first deposit) & Klarna
  • Unlimited play
  • Live Casinos!

Exclusive - 120% up to AUD$ 200

Play now
  • Deposit with iDeal & Sofort/Klarna
  • 10% Cash Back
  • Unlimited play

Bonus AUD$1200

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  • + Brite (former iDeal)
  • iDEAL (with 2nd deposit)
  • Unlimited play

300% to AUD$ 1,000

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  • Deposit with iDEAL
  • Unlimited play
  • Daily cashback!

650% to AUD$ 5000

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Wazdan Casino overview

Wazdan is one of those relatively young Online casino software developers who specialize in making Online Slots, classic table games, Video poker Variants and online bingo games. The company is the home base of a wide range of different Video slots With exciting gameplay, big bonus online casino features and great payments; So something for everyone.

All Wazdan Casino content is made within the company; From the visuals from the game to sound effects packed with a variety of bonus features that, when combined with the attractive designs of the game, certainly bring your way a really compelling online gaming experience.

Wazdan's game portfolio consists of more than 150 Top Casino games, but the developer produces more than 12 new game titles per year, so this number is constantly growing. Wazdan strives to be the best in what they do, in addition to the release of New slots, Wazdan ensures to find out new, innovative and necessary special functions, and this is in which it really distinguishes itself from the competing masses.

Following the latest trends in the industry, the majority of the Wazdan Online Slot Games can be played on portable devices, which offers an equally exciting mobile playing experience.

Wazdan Casino Games are also supplied with an Energy Saving Mode, which means that the player can extend the battery life while playing Wazdan slots on the road, so that the mobile gaming travel can be extended. This company, regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, is certainly planning to grow rapidly with its ever-increasing game library, developed using the latest HTML 5 technology for the best playing experience.

Wazdan Casino bonuses

Tension is paramount and is clearly present at Wazdan Games, where the most up-to-date graphics and sound design are packed with special functions. This is the next generation of Wazdan Gaming that you will find nowadays with Exclusive casino bonuses and much more.

There is no other place on the market where you can enjoy unique Wazdan functions such as Ultra Lite Mode and Double Screen Mode, while you can also get some great bonus offers such as free spins. You can enjoy all these features on your PC, tablet or smartphone, with the top functions such as Volatility Levels which gameAart, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech in BetSoft Gaming Technology easily beats.

Best bonus offers

Wazdan Casinos offer a wide selection of Best Deposit Bonuses And rewards to those who choose their live dealer, video wazdan slots, poker and mobile gaming products. Wazdan Casinos can offer the following special offers to supplement your credit: Bonus without deposit, Free spins, welcome bonus, refer-a-friend bonus and the High Roller Bonus.

no deposit bonus

At Wazdan Casinos you will be happy to find out that, after registering, you can immediately start playing. No deposit is required for this. You will receive a small amount for free to your account. Conditions and restrictions may apply to this.

Free spins

At Wazdan Casinos you can receive free spins by meeting certain requirements, such as playing a specific game, during a certain time, or by depositing a certain amount to your account. This is great for both casual and hardcore players who would like to get the chance to get the Progressive Jackpot to win without having to run any risk.

Welcome reward

Some promotions at Wazdan Casinos will make you mouth water when you see what you can earn by simply registering. Although it might be free money, the games will give you the chance to earn more. For example, if you place a first deposit of AUD$ 1,000, the online casino can double this by 50%.

That means you get AUD$ 500 free of charge by just playing the games! The only requirement is that you bet a certain amount in a certain period at the Wazdan Online Casinos. You can't earn the bonus if you don't play online!


Do you have friends who would like to participate in your online gaming adventures with you? Depending on the Wazdan Casino where you play, you can receive an offer to register your friends on the site. By doing a referral-a-friend you can be rewarded with free spins, an account credit, or other goodies.

High Roller Bonus

Do you like to use high numbers? If so, you can watch this Wazdan review and collect the High Roller bonus from the casino. Big Spenders get the best interactive extras in online casinos. This can hold in larger ones Storting Matches, free or cheaper access to tournaments and Larger loyalty bonuses!

Wazdan Games Functions

Most online casinos offer the traditional options of games to choose from, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, craps, Live Dealer Casino Games, etc. If you look at Wazdan Online Casinos, it is clear that Wazdan specializes in slots online. Wazdan has a 100- collection of retro-style locking machines (classic), supported by innovative functions and a number of popular table games.

A large number of unique extra features, such as Volatility Levels, is what distinguishes them from others Casino software Developers such as Microgaming, Netent or Playtech. Yes, certain online wazdan slots can offer you options to improve your experience so that you can change the volatility level of each round.

1. Volatility levels

Volatility levels make the game that you play consistent based on the reward schedule that you choose. If you like to win great, you can increase volatility, so that every score is larger, but is less common. The opposite will give you smaller profits, but they are more common.

2. Unique gamble feature

The Unique Gamble Feature is for those who like to live on the edge. With every win, you can choose to take a 50-50 chance to double your price. This function can be activated several times per profit, so the potential is large. Each gamble is even tailored to any specific game theme. Try it!

3. Double screen mode

This unique Wazdan feature allows users to view both the game played and the payment table on each version of the game at the same time. This function is accessible via the Settings Tab or by putting your mobile device in vertical mode. Great for video slots!

4. Ultra-fast mode

Some players love to play the video slots slowly. Others want to play as many games as possible as quickly as possible. Ultra-Fast Mode gives you the same results in a fraction of the time. Every round can take less than a second!

5. Ultra Lite Modus

If you work on a slower device or with a slower internet connection, this unique function is for you. Ultra Lite Mode switches off a number of fancy animations with a view to performance. Online slots will load faster, promotions will be registered faster and interruptions will occur much less frequently.

6. Energy -saving mode

This unique Wazdan function allows you to extend the battery life of your device by 40% while you are on the road. If you like to play online slots on your mobile device, with this function you can play your favorite games much longer without having to charge your battery.

7. Large screen mode

This newest unique Wazdan feature allows you to zoom in on the rolls of a slot machine game that is filled the entire screen. With two ZoomModi to choose from, you can adjust the width of the roles to your screen and concentrate on the exciting action that takes place on the roles of your favorite slot game.

Wazdan Casino Games Portfolio

Wazdan is the home base of online slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and more industry standard mobile and desktop wazdan casino games.

Wazdan offers the best user experience for their portfolio and focuses primarily on online slots with beautiful graphics & animations, catchy themes and innovative special features. You will find within each selection Casino Games For everyone's taste with themes ranging from space, to magical fruits.

Wazdan slots games

Slots are the games that Wazdan creates the most of it and it currently has more than 140 available for online casinos. Slots come in a variety of different themes and are usually present in variations with five rolls. All the slots of developer Wazdan have a number of impressive, high quality graphics, which have improved considerably over the years. And it is not only the quality of the graphics that have undergone positive changes, but also the built -in functions of the slot machine games.

Top 5 Wazdan slots

  • Mystery Jack Slot was a success, but the Deluxe version is even better! In this game you will be taken to a hot desert for a lock with three rolls, 27 paylines and an RTP of 96.79%. The symbols are typical of a final machine and contain lemons, bars, sheriff badges and bells, but the action is anything but traditional. Pulling three mystery symbols, for example, activates the Mystery Bonus, which can give you your first bet up to 1,500 times. Three scatter symbols give you nine free spins!
  • Wild Guns Has some incredible graphics that are linked to great functions and bonuses. With five roles and 10 payment lines, this game takes place in a city in the Old West, where horseshoes, guns and gold bars are the order of the day. The game is also bursting with the bonus functions, starting with the wild symbol, which not only replaces all other symbols (except the scatter), but also doubles the profits of every winning combination. Oh, and getting three, four, or five scatter symbols activates 10, 20 and 30 free spins, this game has an RTP of 96.34%.
  • Jack on Hold Slot with three roles and symbols such as cherries, Sheriff badges, bars and sevens, Jack on Hold is perfect for anyone who likes traditional slot machines. Yet this game is better than most traditional slots thanks to the great functions. The Jack symbol, for example, is the game symbol of the game and can replace any other symbol, including the raging bull, which pays the highest of all. In addition, if you manage to win during a wild trigger, you automatically get a re-spin! All in all, this game, which has an RTP of 96.40%, is super fun to play.
  • Beach Party Hot is a final game with a theme that contains crystal clear water, sunshine, ice creams, beach umbrellas and numerous nautical symbols. The game itself has five roles and 20 paylines, which together give this game an RTP of 96.24%. The symbol to look forward to Beach Party Hot is the beach ball, which pays wherever it lands - even if it is not on a winning payment line. And this game pays - waiting for it - until 305 times your first bet!
  • Fenix Play Deluxe Spel has traditional symbols such as cherries, oranges, lemons, sevens and grapes, but the great graphics and exceptional sounds have proven incredibly popular with both old-school and modern players. In this game, the theme of which is about an old, fiery bird (that is, a phoenix), you get three roles, five payment lines and an RTP of 96.44%. Thanks to Wazdan's mechanics you can change the volatility and pace of the game, while the Ultra Lite Mode makes this game perfect for anyone who does not have a super fast internet connection.

Wazdan Online Casino Table and Card Games

The Wazdan Online Casino Operator is only complete with a solid selection of table and card games With exclusive bonuses.

Wazdan Black Jack

For the lovers of Blackjack, Wazdan offers a single variant of this table. Of course this game has received the basic name of Black Jack. This casino game is accessible in 11 different languages, including Armenian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian and more. It follows the traditional Blackjack Rules, so that both beginners and regular players can enjoy themselves. Wazdan has also done a good job with the graphics that it has incorporated in the Black Jack game.

WA bomb Roulette

In addition to the slots, Wazdan has taken the opportunity to also include separate roulette games in the catalog. Two of these games are called Casino Roulette and Gold Roulette. The latter follows the same standard Roulette Online policies And also uses the high -quality graphics of the developer. It is a European roulette Version, with only a single green zero on the wheel.

Casino Roulette game also uses a European wheel. In fact, the interface of this version of Roulette is quite the same as that of Gold Roulette. The most important difference between the two is that Casino Roulette is available in a larger number of languages, with Japanese, Ests and Romanian in addition to the 16 other languages.

Wazdan Poker Video

If you are a video poker gamer, there are seven different options in the Wazdan Catalog for these types of titles. These contain the following options:

  • Magic Poker
  • American Poker: Gold
  • Joker Poker
  • Turbo Poker
  • American Poker V
  • Three Cards

The special games from Wazdan come in the form of extra bingo and sic bo dragons. In fact, extra bingo players also offer access to a game of Online Bingo. It is a simple game with attractive and colorful animations that run through it. Extra bingo follows the rules of traditional bingo, although it works as an 80-ball game. Players choose ten songs from the board.

Sic Bo Dragons has also added sharp, colorful graphics, with two of the mythical animals to the Eastern flair of the game. The release offers adjustment options and multiple insert options, in addition to the possibility of doubleing any profit.

Wazdan Casino Licenses

Wazdan is dedicated to offering safe and honest experience for all users. To achieve this, Wazdan Casinos are licensed under many legislative authorities. These authorities, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, supervise providers such as Wazdan to guarantee compliance with laws.

All games, casino software, platforms, and the internal random number generator are approved by the NMI company.

Malta Gaming Autoriteit (MGA / B2B / 206/2011)

Described as the igling capital of the world, tests and regulates the truthfulness of claims of casino software developers such as Wazdan. The MGA is dedicated to offering superior supervision in this area.

UK Gambling Commission (000-048872-R-327747-001)

This authority provides licenses and regulations for the territory of Great Britain. Sufficient acceptance of this group, which also regulates their National Keno Loterij, means that Wazdan products can be offered legally and safely in the United Kingdom.

Curaçao Egaming (8048/JAZ2017-045)

The aim of Curacao Egaming is to offer companies such as Wazdan the ready-made service to meet global regulations and restrictions. These compliance services are of the utmost importance to become a fair use gaming company.

Wazdan Company Information

Today, the private brand Wazdan, which has its foundation in Malta, consists of more than 150 people who are passionate about the gaming industry. This ensures that the company produces more than 12 games per year and is currently the aim of expanding its market presence and gaining new licenses.

  • Wazdan has won numerous Igaming prizes
  • Is in possession of licenses and certificates from different locations
  • Offers a good selection of slots
  • Develops unique spelling functions
  • At least one game is released every month

Wazdan Online Casino | Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Wazdan distinctive?

The Wazdan game platform works with the Unity Engine, which has been used by more and more software suppliers in recent years. Another great function called Energy Saving Mode has been implemented in Wazdan Slots that can increase the life of the mobile battery and extend the playing time.

What distinguishes the Wazdan slots from other similar titles?

The first thing you will immediately notice when playing one of the Wazdan slots is the design of top quality. Secondly, there are usually great features that can turn the tide every round.

Where can I play Wazdan Online Casino games?

Try free Wazdan games in the above casinos, without investing money. Try these games and test something Casino strategies Before you go to the next level and play for real money at Top Online Casinos.

Which casino games does Wazdan offer?

There are slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker in the Wazdan Casino games collection. They are mainly a producer of slot titles known for unique gameplay functions.

Can I play Wazdan Casino Games on my phone or tablet?

Absolute. All their games are mobile compatible and we have selected the best Wazdan mobile casinos for you to play on. Wazdan also has a handy Ultra-Lite mode in some of its titles for when your battery is almost empty.

Where is Wazdan licensed?

Wazdan Holdings Limited is licensed by a number of respected game and gambling instances around the world, including the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Curaçao Egaming and the Romanian National Gambling Office Onjn. The company is also certified to deliver products in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Are there physical games from Wazdan?

Unfortunately for the fans of Wazdan Casino Software there is currently no slot machine of this developer in a physical casino. It is unlikely that this situation will change in the near or distant future as this is not a core component of its activities. Software providers such as Bally in IGT Do have a collection of games in physical casinos.