Rapid Transfer Casino is a relatively unknown payment method for the online casino. Fast Rapid Transfer by Skrill is a very handy method that makes it possible to transfer money from the bill to Casino. There are 3,000 banks worldwide affiliated, so there is a good chance that your bank will be in this. Read on about how Casino works with Rapid Transfer and whether this is a good payment method for you.

Rapid Transfer Online Casino 2022

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Wat Is Rapid Transfer Casino?

Rapid Transfer Casino is an instant payment method offered by Skrill and is part of the Paysafe Casino Group. This method has grown a lot recently and it is certainly to be expected that you have sometimes come across it in it Online casino. Despite the fact that Rapid Transfer is part of Skrill Casino, one of the most popular e-Wallets, it is not an e-wallet itself. Instead, it acts as an intermediary between you, the online casino of your choice and your bank and facilitates the fast and safe casino payments.

This payment method works more or less according to the same principle as the Trustly pay n play casino option.

Pouring with Casino Rapid Transfer

Paying online with Rapid Transfer - how does it work? Based on the name, you can get on that this company offers fast transactions. Ideal about this is that it is available on both the desktop and on your mobile device. If you decide to use this, it will not be long before you realize how it works. It is very easy to use. You only have to create an account with the online casino you chose and go to the payment page to choose Rapid Transfer. Then follow the next steps.

  • As mentioned, you should choose Rapid Transfer from the list of available payment methods.
  • Enter the amount that you are on your New Casino want to deposit account.
  • You can then choose your bank from the list of affiliated banks.
  • Then log in to your bank account in the normal way.
  • The money is immediately transferred to your online casino account.
  • Now you just have to enjoy the Casino games.


Unfortunately, Rapid Transfer is not (yet) available for money recordings. This ensures that you are dependent on the bank transfer. In fact, this system works just like online Casino iDEAL. Perhaps this will be adjusted in the future and then of course you will hear this first.


You never have to pay for Rapid transfer deposits, because the system is completely free to use. It is possible that the online casino charges money for paying money. Pay attention, because in this case it is better to choose to play at another internet casino. These costs are not needed for anything.

Casino Rapid transfer benefits

Although we have already mentioned some benefits, Rapid Transfer has many more. Therefore, read on to find out what these are.

  • Quickly paying casino Transactions. Of course, nobody wants to wait for a deposited money to be able to start playing in the online casino. Fortunately, this is never necessary with Rapid Transfer. Once you have confirmed your deposit, it is immediately available in your online casino account.
  • High degree of safety. Not only can you quickly deposit money on your online casino account with Rapid Transfer, but this is also very safe. You do not have to share data with the casino, because this system immediately redirects you to the secure environment of your bank. Here you can handle the payment in a safe way.
  • No costs. Of course nobody wants to pay to deposit money. This is not desirable, pay to pay. Fortunately, Rapid Transfer is therefore completely free. What this means is that the system will never charge you costs. However, the casino can do this. So pay attention to this.
  • Wide reach. You probably don't have to worry much or your bank is affiliated with Rapid Transfer. This is because no fewer than 3,000 banks are connected worldwide. So there is a good chance that you can find your bank in between.
  • Part of a large company. Rapid Transfer is part of the Paysafe Group, indeed that of the well -known Paysafecard and Skrill. This naturally makes confidence because the company already offers several safe payment methods. Rapid Transfer is at least as reliable as the other options from the portfolio of the Paysafe Group.
  • no registration Requires. Many payment methods require a separate registration and that causes the necessary inconvenience to create an account and store the login details. With Rapid transfer this is not necessary because you pay through your existing bank account.
  • Available 24/7. This may not be anything new, but still worth mentioning. Not only the service, but also customer service can be reached 24/7, so that you can always place a deposit and request help with this if necessary.

Rapid Transfer Online Casino Disadvantages

As Johan Cruyff said; Every disadvantage hep is advantage. In this way every advantage has a disadvantage and this is no different with Rapid Transfer. Let's take a look at the disadvantage that is part of this great method.

  • No recordings. As we said before, it is not possible to withdraw money with Rapid Transfer Casino. We cannot say whether this will change in the future, but we will keep you informed.

Rapid Transfer Casino Bonus

If you pay with Rapid Transfer, you can assume that you can use the offered Casino bonuses. This is because the method does not belong to the excluded options. However, if you want to know for sure, ask the relevant casino.

Customer service at Skrill Rapid Transfer

This method is managed by Skrill and that offers the advantage that you can use this customer service. First you can take a look at the page with frequently asked questions, or you can us via the following channels; telephone, live chat and a form. The phone is available from 8 am to 5h, so during office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limits to the amounts that I can deposit via Rapid Transfer Casino?

Yes, but they are connected to the limits of your online casino.

Is Rapid Transfer safe?

Yes, Rapid Transfer Casino is very safe as part of the well -known Skrill.

Can I use Rapid transfer on my mobile device?

Yes, casinos with rapid transfer are compatible for use on all types of devices.

Do I have to pay for the use of Rapid Transfer?

No, Rapid transfer is completely free to use.

Is I entitled to a welcome bonus if I deposit with Rapid transfer?

Yes, after depositing with Rapid Transfer you will receive the promised welcome bonus.