If you choose to play online, choose one Online casino with iDeal from Malta. The MGA license from this country is very well regarded. This applies in particular to European countries and other non-regulated areas. The Maltese Gaming Authority, the Malta Gaming Authority, is known to handle strict rules and to check it carefully. Read on to find out how this image came about.

Ideal Casinos with MGA License 2022

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Possible MGA Casino Licenses

Just like all other licenses that are available for it Me online casinoThe MGA also offers different licenses for different providers. An operator can choose from the following options.

  • Type 1: Games of chance that are played against the house, the outcome of which is generated by a RNG, a random number generator.
  • Type 2: Games of chance that are played against the house without RNG, but as part of an event or a tournament.
  • Type 3: Games of chance that are not played against the house, but against players among each other where the house entails a percentage of the deployment for hosting the game.
  • Type 4: Controlled skills games.

In addition to these standard licenses, permission must also be requested from the MGA in order to be allowed to offer the following games and activities:

  1. Casino (online slots)
  2. Live casino (roulette, blackjack)
  3. Lotteries
  4. Betting with fixed odds
  5. Bets in a group
  6. Poker and similar games
  7. Loterij Messenger Services
  8. Controlled skills games

However, requesting permission is not a simple process, as a casino must be able to prove that it meets different conditions. After obtaining the permission, an operator will be checked through.

Malta Gaming Authority

This organ is better known as MGA and was founded in 2001, with the aim of regulating the various sectors of the gambling industry and protecting the players by guaranteeing fair games. It turned out to be a smart move by Malta, since it was one of the first countries in Europe with an official gambling license. Malta had a clear goal in mind; become the casino capital of Europe. Thanks in part to the early regulation and the smooth tax policy for casinos, the island has ample in this.

Advantages and disadvantages Ideal Casino Malta

First the benefits; It is always good to play at a casino that is regulated in the EU. Although the rules may not be the same as in your own country, the EU is largely arranged the same and you can get on that no shadowy practices are tolerated. The MGA in the Specific has also built up a good reputation.

Of course there are also disadvantages to an MGA casino for players who do not live in Malta. For example, the casinos are often tolerated by the country, but there is always the risk of receiving a fine. Players from another country do not receive specific actions and Online Casino Promotions. In addition, if a conflict with a casino rises high, something that rarely or never happens, you will still have to travel to Malta because the casino is located there.

Playing with iDeal in an MGA casino

Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to to pay with iDeal In a casino in Malta, however, you can pay with iDeal in an online casino with MGA license. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to Ideal, of which the most famous trustly is. trustly casino is a payment method that has been marketed by a Swedish company. It actually works the same as iDEAL in an MGA casino. Nice is that Trustly works throughout Northern Europe and so many more benches are affiliated. In addition, it is the only payment method that is accepted in Casino without registration. A perfect alternative so until iDeal becomes available in online casinos in Malta.

Alternatives to a Maltese license

Since the MGA was the first in Europe to issue a license, it is seen as a pioneer. This, and the fact that the MGA now knows what it is doing, ensures a leading position in the market. Yet there are other licenses to keep an eye on. First there is one from the United Kingdom, from the UKGC; This is even stricter than the MGA and British often prefer this license.

Other countries also issue licenses, including Curaçao and Gibraltar. However, these are less strict than Malta and are seen as less reliable. However, this is not entirely justified, in practice it rarely happens that a licensed casino tries to lift things up.

MGA Casino License and Taxes

When it comes to taxes, then it doesn't matter to you as a player what license the casino has. A casino will never hold tax on the profits you have achieved. You have to keep track of whether you owe the tax authorities money. There is also no simple answer to this because it depends on various factors, including your income and the amount of your profit.

Discover more companies with an MGA Casino License:

Online Casino Malta | Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a long time to get an MGA license?

Yes, this is quite a long -term process. It can take just half a year to a year. Everything must be thoroughly investigated by the MGA.

Where do I find the best by MGA licensed casinos?

You can find it on our website. If there is one New Casino Get a license, we evaluate it immediately for you. If the casino is good enough, it will be on our list.

Can a casino have more than one license?

Yes that is possible. There are several casinos active that first one have applied for a license in Curacao, then in Malta and last in the United Kingdom.

Can I play in an MGA Casino from a non -regulated country?

If online casinos are tolerated. Even if that is not the case, at most the casino will be fined and you as a player will not experience any consequences.

What happens if an MGA Casino makes a mistake?

If the MGA gets a breath of this, it gives a certain period in which the casino has to rectify the misstep. If that does not happen or if the misstep is too serious, the license is taken.