Sports bets are entertaining, blood -curdling exciting, diverse and lucrative. With the growth of it Online Gambling Is it also Bet on sports More popular than ever. That is partly of course because we all love sports so much. And diversity also plays an important role. Because if you don't like football, you can always take a chance at a hockey game or a tennis match. Because other than with normal gambling Do you have some influence on your chances of winning with the necessary sports knowledge. And so you give your sports experience a completely new dimension. Discover the best bet sites below!

Top bookmakers | September 2022

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Sports bets are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The combination of a game of chance with a popular sport naturally attracts a large audience because this gives the sport an extra dose of adrenaline. Make sure that the game of chance does not take over the sport.

Bet on sports - how does it work?

When betting on sport, placing a sports betting is a death simple. After all, you only have to have an account with an online operator that offers sports betting. Have you already logged in? Then you can easily click through to the so -called Sportsbook. Make sure you have money on your account, so that you can choose the sport, competition and the element for your preference. Then choose the deployment and the desired bet form.


The so -called odds are important when betting on sport. These are often referred to as odds and are visible in the form of a number. We explain it with a recognizable example.


Now imagine that you bet on the squatter Barcelona-Real Madrid, where the first-mentioned team has a quotation of 1.65. That means that you get 1 euro and 65 cents back with a correct prediction on every euro, 1 euro. With Real, however, you get a higher amount back for every euro: 2.20 euros. It is up to you to determine what wisdom is and what is attractive to your wallet.

The bookmaker

Just as the physical casino makes it possible for you to be able to sit at the roulette table, you can also go to a gamble facility when placing sports bets. Sports Bets are offered by the so -called Bookmakers, which are also referred to as the term "bookie". In this case it is about the provider who facilitates the sports betting. So actually we are talking about nothing but about the betting office.

What is the role of the online bookmaker?

Online bookmakers not only make the facilities available (or in a physical betting office or online), they also provide the odds. This means that these Bookies determine how much can be won at every competition and competition element. In addition, all necessary information is also provided, such as historical information and rankings. Often you can also watch the competitions live via the sportsbook of the relevant Pay and Play bookmaker, iDEAL bookmaker, live goksite of Trustly bookmaker. Which makes betting on sport a lot easier.

Different types of sports betting

Those who think of sport think of the enormous diversity, because from darts to bobsleighs: they are all sports. What does that mean when we talk about sports betting tips? That you have many opportunities to bet on various sports. In fact, you can even bet on different competition elements within the same competition. An overview:

  • Winner: of course, one of the most common sports betting is to predict the final result of a competition. And not the exact score of, for example, a football match or a basketball match, but the final winner. Or a draw, that is of course also possible.
  • Result: Then we also have the final result. At a football match you can, for example, bet on a 1-1, a 2-0 or a 0-2. Speaks for itself.
  • Interim result: the same applies to an interim result. At a football match you will soon end up at the stand at halftime, while you can bet on the stand at a basketball match after the first, second or third quarter.
  • Win to NIL: In this case you predict nothing but that a team wins and also manages to keep the zero. Interesting for teams with a strong rear.
  • Handicap: In this case you (usually) give one of the two football teams a lead of one or more goals.
  • First set: a popular competition element at tennis competitions. There are also individual bets to determine how much this set is extracted with.
  • Other competition elements: The internet would not be itself if it did not constantly surpass. Because what do you think of other bets such as the player who is the first to be sent off the field, or who is being first changed? You can't think of it that crazy.

Bet with iDeal

A bit of gambling at Sport Races makes it always more exciting to watch a competition. There are many of us who without taking a gamble does not have the need to watch a competition. Sometimes it may also be that you want to place a bet quickly during a competition, but then it has to happen quickly because an advantage is sometimes wasted quickly. Of Football gambling sites with iDeal This advantage is present because iDeal guarantees that it only has to take a few seconds to get money on your casino account. Online gambling iDeal Is good cooperation since iDeal is safe and mainly fast what a big advantage brings with sports betting.

Diverse bets: single, multiple- en systembets

When betting on sport, the wed elements are just as versatile as the sports themselves, we have already reported that above. Yet all these options can be grouped again in Single, Multiple and Systembets:

  • Single Bet: This is the simplest form of bets that exists, or you bet on one of the elements as mentioned above. For example, a single bet on the final winner or the final result.
  • Multiple bet: In this case we are talking about a so -called combi bet. The name already tells it a bit, it gives you the opportunity to bet on multiple events with a bet. The purpose of that? To more money. Only if all bets are good do you have a price.
  • Example: You bet a bet on a victory from Chelsea with a 1-1 score at Rust, a draw by Liverpool and a defeat of Man City.
  • System Bet: In this case we are also talking about a multiple bet. With a system bet, multiple Bets are combined with each other, but the difference is that you can also win if you are not in good shape.

The limitlessness of online betting

Admittedly, sports betting is referred to in many cases to football. That's not surprising, because we are talking about the biggest sport on earth here. In addition to football, however, there are also other (official) sports and unofficial sports that you can bet on. Sports Betting Online can be subdivided into the following groups:

  • Official sports: football, rugby, tennis, hockey; You can all be bet on it. But what do you think of less usual sports such as cricket, weightlifting and archery?
  • Virtual sports (Bet on Virtual Sports): Meanwhile, many bookmakers also offer the option to bet on digital variants of real sports. You then bet on competitions that are simulated by the computer. We are still talking about sports such as tennis or football, but without it about real teams and real matches. In this case you are much more dependent on random results.
  • Bet without registration: Registration -free goxitz Hurry came on the market. Traditional gambling sites have also developed a registration -free spelling function that allows you to play easier and faster than ever before. Together with the Bonusvedot team we have completed countless gambling sites without an account and put together an extensive list with the best registration-free gambling sites on the market!
  • Bet on eSports: In addition, it is also possible to bet on the so -called eSports (in full: Electronic Sports). These competitions are settled between professional gamers. Some of these matches are even played in full arenas with thousands of spectators. Which games you should think of? FIFA, League of Legends and Dota, to name just a few examples.

live betting

The digital world is as real-time as possible and that also means that it can be used to bet live on sport. Imagine that you have made a bet on fewer than 3 goals at a indoor football match? If it turns out that after fifteen minutes of playing has already been scored 3 times, then you have little sense anymore. Thanks to live betting you can adjust your bet. And that gives the sports competition even more dimension.

Take for example the option to Cashouts. This possibility ensures that you can stop a bet before the competition has ended. Of course, this is at a certain cost price, but it certainly ensures that you keep control over your own bet. That way you can at least make a little bit of a profit.

Sports bets Tips

Who wins the Tour de France this year? Or what about the Spanish Primera División? They are all sports and tournaments on which you can bet. From whom top scorer becomes the same Spanish division, to how many corners are given during the topper between Barça and Real: you can take a chance. So a reason to give you a number of tips for betting on sports:

  • Always choose the bookmaker with the highest opportunities! Higher chances also mean higher profits, because the deployment will be multiplied by the opportunities and paid in the event of a profit. For this reason it is advisable to play with the bookmaker who offers the best opportunities.
  • Compare: Before you decide to place a bet, it is good to compare with other Bookies. Because with one bookmaker you can count on much better odds than with other bookmakers. Ultimately, all these loose odds jointly have a major influence on the final profit amount (or loss). The same applies to the general terms and conditions and payment conditions: compare.
  • Do not run too fast: it all seems so attractive; Combine different competition elements with each other and thus have a chance to win a huge amount. Then why not throw a match on top? Well, let's warn you that you should come from a good house if you predict 8 games well. Don't run too fast.
  • Use the welcome bonus: with a bit of luck you get a bonus. That too is of course part of the preparatory comparisons and make sure you benefit from these bonuses to the maximum. Pay attention to the conditions. Often you have to "play around" the amount a few times before you can make a payout. Nowadays you can easily get a bonus. Even payment methods such as Casino Paypal And online casino iDeal already use a bonus system to attract new customers. But use it because it is free of free playing credit What you leave.
  • What is the motivation of the player/team on which you are going to use? Keep an eye on the motivation of the player/team on which you are going to bet. Did they win the previous games? In what phase is the tournament? It is no secret that in the final phase of the season there are sometimes interesting opportunities for football bets and other sports. The reason for this is a lack of motivation from some players or teams.
  • How important are injured / suspended players for the team on which you put money? This is a very important factor that you have to analyze before you bet on a team. Check the results of the previous games, were the injured players the key to winning those matches? If that was the case, and you are planning to bet on that specific team, you might want to reconsider your bet. On the other hand, with a bit of luck, absent in the team can even lead to an exaggerated change in the opportunities, so the chances on the match day are even more interesting than they would have been with normal bets without the injured player.
  • How relevant is the head to head record for the coming matches? Especially with football matches it is important to understand that the head-to-head (H2H) statistics or the "direct comparison" should not be overestimated. To give a practical example, in the Europa League of Champions League, the H2H records can be almost completely neglected, because the teams usually do not compete against each other more often than every three to four years. This means that in football, basketball and other similar sports, the H2H statistics are much less important compared to individual sports such as tennis, table tennis, Formula 1 Or even darts.
  • Analyze: Take the time and analyze. Now it helps if you are already a fan of a certain sport anyway. Have you been following the tennis since childhood? Then it is much more obvious to bet on tennis matches than, for example, on baseball. Make sure you know the sport and don't forget: in the end it is all about the fun when betting on sport.

This varies from sport to sport. When it comes to football bets, these are the top tournaments and competitions that usually offer interesting opportunities:

  1. World Cup
  2. Champions League
  3. Europa League
  4. Germany | Bundesliga
  5. Engeland | Premier League
  6. Spread | La Liga
  7. Italy | Series A
  8. Brazil Serie A
  9. Mexico | Liga MX
  10. VS | MLS
  11. The Australia | Eredivisie
  12. France | Ligue 1
  13. Argentina | Primera Division
  14. Japan | J1 League
  15. Portugal | First league
  16. Rusland | Premier League
  17. Belgium | Pro League
  18. Turkey | Super league
  19. Oekraïne Premier League
  20. Sweden | Allsvenskan
  21. Switzerland | Super league
  22. Australia A-League
  23. Colombia | First a